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Using Zoom

Links to ABC's services using Zoom will be made available on the Latest News page or the Zoom Links page shortly before the start of a service. Just click on the link to launch the meeting on your device.

You do not need to register an account with Zoom, or sign in in order to take part.

By participating in a Zoom service you are agreeing to Zoom's privacy and security.

The Zoom Experience

        • initially you will enter a waiting room but should be let in very quickly (please type in your name so we know who you are);
        • when you join you will have to un-mute yourself - but then will be able to converse with those on Zoom until the start of the service;
        • avoid having two devices with sound for the same Zoom meeting in the same room (you can have multiple cameras/screens);
        • (apart from a sound check) you won’t be able to hear what’s going on in church until the start of the service (but you will be able to see);
        • at the start of the service, all those on Zoom will be muted (without warning – but it should be obvious when someone comes up to the lectern at 10.30am);
        • when singing, you can be as loud or as soft as you like because you are muted!
        • there may be sections of the service where those on Zoom are invited to contribute. If you wish to speak you will need to un-mute yourself;
        • people in church usually do not see who is on Zoom – but that is possible – and will do so, for example if someone on Zoom is speaking.
        • anything being projected in church (for example for hymn/song words) is also shared with those on Zoom;
        • the exact experience of those on Zoom depends on what sort of device you use (computer, tablet, mobile phone or telephone);
        • those on a land-line telephone will, obviously, not be able to see or be seen - see here for phone numbers to dial;
        • on communion services please have your own elements (bread, wine) ready at the start of the service;
        • at the end of the service people on Zoom are able to ‘stay behind’ and chat to one another by being put into breakout rooms (only the people in the room can hear/see one-another).

Zoom Official Service Status 

Zoom Unofficial Reports of Problems

Zoom Privacy and Security

By participating in a Zoom service you are agreeing to Zoom's privacy and security terms which can be viewed here.

Some of ABC's Zoom services are recorded (this will be indicated in the Zoom session). By participating, you give your consent to your video and audio being stored by ABC and used on the website and other publicity material.

Zoom Guide


York Baptist Church aka 'Priory Street' have put together some information about using Zoom on various electronic devices - available on their website.

Remember the links on Priory Street's page are for their service - not ABC's.


Page updated 15/09/2022. (BAF)