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Using Zoom

Links to ABC's services using Zoom will be made available on the Latest News page shortly before the start of a service. Just click on the link to launch the meeting on your device. If there is no link there when you first visit, refresh your browser (re-load) nearer to the time.

You will initially be placed in to a waiting room. Please identify yourself sensibly so that you may be admitted.

Once admitted, you will need to un-mute yourself if you would like to be heard. Please mute your microphone when not speaking. Avoid having two devices with sound for the same Zoom meeting in the same room.

Zoom Official Service Status 

Zoom Unofficial Reports of Problems

Zoom Privacy and Security

By participating in a Zoom service you are agreeing to Zoom's privacy and security terms which can be viewed here.

Some of ABC's Zoom services are recorded (this will be indicated in the Zoom session). By participating, you give your consent to your video and audio being stored by ABC and used on the website and other publicity material.

Zoom Guide


York Baptist Church aka 'Priory Street' have put together some information about using Zoom on various electronic devices - available on their website.

Remember the links on Priory Street's page are for their service - not ABC's.


Page reviewed and updated Sunday 24/05/2020. (BAF)