Acomb Baptist Church

Together knowing Jesus and making him known


 ABC Club

Kirsty Adegboro

 BMS Birthday Scheme

Audrey Frodsham 

 Coffee Bar

Kathryn Ibbott/Kathy Frary

 Children's Worker

Dave Whyman 

 Christianity Explored

Helen Atkinson 


 Alan Hall


Yvonne King

 Junior Church

Carolyn Ray/Dave Whyman

 Kid's Club

Dave Whyman 

 Learning Hub

Susan Hall 

 Light   Factory                                

Dave Whyman

 Mission - Overseas

Chris Ray

 Newsletter Editor

Christine Evans 

 Pastoral Team

Kathy Frary, Karen Frodsham, Kathryn Ibbott  and Chris Ray

 Prayer Coordinators

Remi Bako/Christine Evans

 Prayer Ministry Team

Kathy Frary


Helen Atkinson (on sabbatical)/Alan Hall

 Sung Worship

Karen Frodsham  

 Weekly Sheet

Christine Evans 


Last amended 22/03/2024 (BAF).