Acomb Baptist Church

Together knowing Jesus and making him known

Courses and training

Please let us know if you are ready to join the following:

Alpha – an internationally recognised 'finding out' course for all who want to know more about the Christian faith (ten weeks).

Baptismal classes – preparing for water baptism (three weeks).

Membership Classes – what it means to belong at ABC (three weeks).

Blessing of Children – this is where children are brought to the Lord for blessing (Mark 10:16).

Christianity Explored  - Finding out about the Christian Faith though the study of Mark's Gospel.

Discipleship courses – including 'Running the race' (six weeks) and 'Lifeshapes' (six weeks).

Ministry in the Church – being prepared to serve in the Church.

Ministry team training – for all involved in praying for the sick.

Mission and the Church – being prepared to serve in the mission of the Church.

Marriage preparation – covering topics such as effective communication, a balanced life together, joint finances, sex, personality types, marriage vows, family background and 'the day'.

Cell Leadership, Worship team, Children and Youth work – also included in training.

Worship – classes designed to help us grow in what it means to 'worship in Spirit and in truth'.