Acomb Baptist Church

Together knowing Jesus and making him known

Courses and Training

Please let us know if you are ready to join the following:

Alpha – an internationally recognised course for all who want to know more about the Christian faith (ten sessions). Usually happens round a meal. Learn more about Alpha.

Baptismal classes – preparing for water baptism.

Membership Classes – what it means to belong at ABC. Learn more about the Baptist denomination.

Blessing of Children – this is where children are brought to the Lord for blessing (Mark 10:16). 'Christenings are not usually undertaken in Baptist churches.

Christianity Explored  - Finding out about the Christian Faith though the study of Mark's Gospel. Learn more about Christianity Explored.

Marriage preparation – covering topics such as effective communication, a balanced life together, joint finances, sex, personality types, marriage vows, family background and 'the day'.

Family Matters York

One of our Key Partnerships, Family Matters York, runs courses to do with parenting and relationships. Courses include:

          • Time Out for Parents - The Early Years
          • Time Out for Parents - Primary Years
          • Time Out for Parents - The Teenage Years
          • Time Out for Anger
          • Drug Proof Your Kids
          • Time Out for Parents - Children with Additional Needs
          • Couples in Crisis
          • The Marriage Course

Courses are held in various locations in and around York, Selby, Easingwold and Hambleton. Take a look at their website for further information.


Last updated 26 September 2019. (BAF)