Acomb Baptist Church

Together knowing Jesus and making him known

Core values


Beginning your journey in faith, including water baptism, becoming more like Christ along the way. All are welcome to join our discipleship courses: 'Running the race' and 'Lifeshapes'.


A welcome belonging to the Body of Christ in the local church, a covenant community growing  together in love. Our membership course introduces you to life amongst us.


Every member in the church is called to serve. We all have gifts (charismata) from God to use. We seek to provide support and training for all who want to find and use their gifts amongst us.


Jesus has called us to both share and be 'Good News'; to make him known wherever he leads us. With the help and empowering of the God the Holy Spirit we seek to obey this calling.


Our highest calling is to worship God and bring glory to his Son Jesus by word and action. May our lifestyles, including those times when we gather for praise and worship, be pleasing before  him and bring him honour.

Last reviewed 30 July 2017.