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Giving at ABC

Giving ourselves

It is a privilege to serve the Lord. Our labour in the Lord is never in vain. We believe in the body ministry of the whole church working together as one team so if you would like to help out at church, whether on a regular or occasional basis, we would love to hear from you. Examples might include welcome, worship, catering, audio-visual, design or media, youth and children's groups (need to be CRB checked), pastoral, ministry team, DIY or gardening. If you any ideas or a particular skill to be given in service for the kingdom of God then please let us know. We look forward to hearing from you.

Giving financially

We thank God for all the giving that goes on at ABC, seen and unseen. We believe that not only is giving a principle that lies at the heart of Christian discipleship but that it is a privilege to give. In line with the teaching of Scripture we give ourselves first to the Lord and in the same way our giving financially is first to the Lord and in the local church.

We believe that the local church at ABC is a family in covenant relationship and that the principle of giving is best worked out first of all here at home. In other words the place where our giving finds reality is in the local church community to which we belong. Here at ABC we believe that God wants us to give as the Lord directs us and to do so to the best of our ability.

There are several ways you can give financially:

  • by Standing Order - you can set this up from most UK bank accounts using on-line banking or your banking app. Contact the Treasurer for the bank details.
  • one-off electronic paymentsyou can do this from most UK bank accounts using on-line banking or your banking app. Contact the Treasurer for the bank details.
  • via Give as you Earn - some employers provide a facility to make payments to charities from your earnings. Ask your employer if they are able to do this.
  • on Sundays - as the majority give electronically, we no longer pass round the 'collection plate' during Sunday services. An offering box is available in the entrance foyer. Please deposit your cash or cheques (made payable to 'Acomb Baptist Church') in the box as you enter or leave.
  • Weekly (or Monthly) giving envelopes are available to help you track your giving. Please contact the Finance Coordinator if you would like some. 
  • Via a Charities Aid Foundation or Stewardship account.

Gift Aid

If you are UK tax payer, Gift Aid is a  good way of increasing the value of your gift at no additional cost to yourself. Please complete a Gift Aid form and return it to the Finance Coordinator.

Giving financially to God's work not only blesses others but will also greatly bless you. This is an important principle in the life of the kingdom of God. 'Give and it shall be given to you, pressed down, shaken together and overflowing.'

Last updated 22 March 2024.