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York Gospels 2023

The people of York and surrounding areas have produced a hand-written copy of the four Gospels: Matthew, Mark, Luke and John which has been given with love from York as a gift to HM King Charles III upon his coronation.

The opening pages of each Gospel have been written in calligraphy, followed by a wide variety of local handwriting styles.

York Gospels 4

Children, students and other people from 17 local schools, 23 local churches - including ABC, both universities in York, and other community groups were involved in the handwriting stage which began in early February and was finished on 7 March.

York Gospels 5

There is an illustration page for each of the 89 chapters. 

York Gospels 3

A 3cm pile of pages for Mark's Gospel before going to the bookbinders.

York Gospels 6

The 800+ pages have been prepared by local bookbinders as a set of four beautifully-bound books.  

York Gospels 2

The addition of decorative tooling to a cover. 

York Gospels 1

The four books fit into a box-sleeve so it can then be handled as one item. They can be inserted in a different order if you like  :-)

We hope that this unique gift from about 2,000 of King Charles's subjects will also be a blessing to the Royal Family, as well as an enduring reminder of this historic coronation.


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